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Welcome to The Land Geek

Working with Our Most Successful Land Investment Experts

Welcome, Land Investorling!

Build Passive Income
in Real­Time

Working with Our Most Successful
Land Investment Experts

I’m Mark Podolsky (a.k.a. The Land Geek), and I’ve been buying and selling raw land full time since 2001.

I’ve completed over 5,500 land deals and my company, Frontier Equity Properties, has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. I am also the author of Dirt Rich, the ultimate guide to helping you build a passive income model in raw land investing.

My passion for investing in land, for creating wealth efficiently, and for helping other people develop their inner geeky entrepreneur has lead me to do two things I never expected to do in

The first – I host a podcast. In fact, you might be here right now because you discovered one of my podcasts first. If not, you might want to join in on all of the FREE and FUN geeky tips, tricks, shortcuts, and wisdom we share with all of the great fans.

The second – is that I love being a teacher, coach, and mentor to a growing community of people who are truly wonderful. To be surrounded by smart people of quality character who are driven to succeed is incredible, and I feel humbled and honored to be their guide.

I’m glad you’re here… want to know why raw land is the best passive income?

Special Offer for Flight School
Masterclass Attendees Ends In

Build Passive Income

in Real-Time — Working with
Our Most Successful Land
Investment Experts

You know land investing is a proven business
model that gives you the freedom to work…


Why Land Investing Is Different…

Which Program Is Right For You:

Advanced training


The Investor’s Toolkit

Looking for the ultimate (and legit) passive income opportunity, or lucrative side hustle — with the potential to replace your “day job” income? 

Is a Step-by-Step Blueprint to
Creating a Low-Stress Land
Investing Business that Gives
You Complete Control of Your
Income and Your Time

Flight School 

Execution in Real Time:

in Real-Time — Working with
Our Most Successful Land
Investment Experts

You know land investing is a proven business
model that gives you the freedom to work…

For Land Investors Who Want To:

  • Drive Growth Deliberately
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Maximize Your Profits

Accelerated Growth

is Like Having a Hands-On CEO
Directing Your Every Move…
for a Year

Personalized 1-on-1 Land Investing
Training & Mentorship:

L.O.T.S – Season One

Season One of LOTS is here! What better way to learn the land business then by looking over Tate’s shoulder.

Buckle up and let Tate show you the ropes as he runs a successful land business, what does the day-to-day look like?

Season 1 contains 9 episodes, each with a run time of about 15 minutes.

Double Your Money in 30 Days or Less
Discover Wholetailing

You’ll find out how the most successful land investing geeks:

  • Find the best wholesale deals
  • Choose land arbitration
  • Work their due diligence
  • Decide how and where to market your property — quickly
  • Cut out 90% of repeat tasks
  • Sell your property and double your money in 21 days or less

Get Your FREE Launch Kit!

Discover Real Estate Investing Without Tenants, Toilets, and Termites!

What’s Included?

Lesson 1 – Passive Income System Breakdown
Lesson 2 – Passive Income System Downloads
Lesson 3 – Big Guns Of Land Investing
Case Studies

Plus, Passive Income 101!

Passive Income 101 includes 8 lessons on everything from:


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